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The Refractory Anchorage Industry requires other services to allow the whole process to flow efficiently and correctly. Therefore, Flouch can offer the full package too its customers.

PMI or Positive Material Identification is the testing of materials to determine the chemical composition of a metal or alloy. This enables all responsible parties to understand what metal or alloy is to hand. Each alloy or metal has specific properties such as heat resistant, corrosion resistant, durability etc. Thus, understanding the composition of a metal or alloy and then identifying their properties is crucial. Having the right metal or alloy with the right properties is sometimes what stands between a safe, efficient operation and not.

Solution Annealing is a process whereby heating the material followed by fast cooling or quenching allows the material to soften and/or optimise corrosion resistance.

Stud Welding is a similar technique to flash welding. It is a fast, reliable, and accurate method of welding. It is a way of welding a fastener or specially formed nut onto another metal part. Access is only required from one side eliminating reverse marking leaving the area around the around the stud flat and clean. In addition, as no holes are punched in the metal plate corrosion problems are reduced and the weld is leak proof.

Dipping is an in house solution coating system to help with expansion on both round and flat type anchors.

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