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About Flouch

Flouch are a leading manufacturer of refractory anchors and stainless steel fixings with over 50 years experience in design and production.

Flouch are a well known manufacturer worldwide for refractory anchorage systems. With over 50 years’ experience and expertise in a multitude of industries including, Cement, Biomass, Steel, Aluminium, Petrochem and more we can customize and adapt to meet our customers requirements.

With a range of modern and innovative technology, including a CNC wire bending machine, we are able to provide the highest standard of products with short production times. This allows us to adapt and react to customers demands, alongside offering a whole variety of products.

With an ever changing industry Flouch is always looking for ways to meet customers requirements and this is a challenge which keeps Flouch current and a big player in the Refractory Anchors industry.

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